Our Services

P H Solution working on all IT sections such as Website, Software and Mobile Apps Development.

Website Development

We develop quality websites according to customer's requirement with using latest technology. Today if site is not responsive then its nothing so here we are developed fully resposive website using latest bootstrap tehnology that means its 100% compatible with all kind of devices.

Software Development

We also provide all kind of software as per client's requirement. Basically, we developed online softwares but if customers need then we can provide offline as well. We have a small but extremely strong and dedicated group whome can able to developed any kind of softwares.

Mobile Apps Development

An App is most demanding product of every one either its individaul or corporation. Now a days lots of people just access everything from their mobile and it is just become a habit. So we have also develop mobile phone application for both an android and ios platforms since 2015.

Domain Reservation

We provides to our customers to reserved domain names. we provides .com, .net, .org, .edu and etc as per the nature of organizations. If some people confused about this domain name then let you define it is like name of organization or address where any one can access your information on the internet example : www.abcd.com.

Web Hosting Reservation

We providing qaulity web hosting pckages having 99.9% uptime. We provided a reasonable web hosting plan from 1 MB to unlimited as well as dedicated hosting packags which provides a top security level of your data. As per the nature of webstie and its need we offers various kind packages including unlimited emails, database, bandwidth and etc.

Digital Marketing

Now a days way of advertismentis has been totally changed form paper ads to digital. Due to revolution of social media platfrom like facebook, instagram, twitter and etc. lots ot people spent lots of time with these applications. So its very easy and effective to reach maximum people by showing our products and services to them.

Biometric Attendance System

It is an intelligent devices which maintain all the users data. It is generally uses in small and big corporates egencies like school, hospital, banks and etc. It is very simple to use like just thump press and get access. It recorded all the in and out record with time and date so that easy to generate monthly or yearly attendance reoprts.

Surveillance system (CCTV)

It is an intelligent devices which observe all the activities and behaviour or peopple through its powerful lens called closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. You can use it for the security reason too. Now a days its totllay online and you can access it via mobile phone from anytime and anywhere.